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Artist: ZICO
Track: "Dumb Laugh"


Red Dress


”y/n WAIT YOU FORGOT YOUR TOOTH BRUSH” your mom yelled at you as you tried to finally leave the house after hours of packing. ”JUST PUT THAT THING THERE IN MY BACKPACK I RLY NEED TO GO OMG.” it was a quite stressing day cuz it was going to be your first trip without your…

zico facts : zico stated pharrell’s ‘girl’ was his favorite and most influential album for 2014.

 model jung hoseok

Red Dress

”y/n WAIT YOU FORGOT YOUR TOOTH BRUSH” your mom yelled at you as you tried to finally leave the house after hours of packing. ”JUST PUT THAT THING THERE IN MY BACKPACK I RLY NEED TO GO OMG.” it was a quite stressing day cuz it was going to be your first trip without your parents - only with your best friend. You finally jumped into the car and the only thing you could say to your friend was ”OMG K-CULTURE FESTIVAL *too many feels*”.
It was just too good to be true. You were going to see Block-B. You’re favorite group of all times. And what’s more, you were going to see Zico. The man that stole your heart without even knowing you.

After 3 hours of driving you guys finally arrived in Düsseldorf and at your hotel. You were entering the entrance hall when suddenly a receptionist appeared and told you that you had to go to another hotel since this one was booked-up. To your surprise you got a quite big apartment since the normal rooms were booked-up too. That meant just one thing to you and your friend - PARTY HARD.

The next day you already woke up at 8am. You promised your friend to wake her up so you could go shopping before the concert. ”Good morning sweetie~ get your ass outta here!”
As she turned her face you could see it. She was sick. ”Too much alcohol last night huh?” you laughed. She just raised her middle finger high. ”Ok darling I’m going to get you some medicine. You mustn’t miss the concert!”
Blessedly, your hotel was only 5 minutes from the city center. After you got all the needed things at the pharmacy you googled for a doctor around the hotel so you didnt pay any attention to what was happening around you.
And then it happened. You ran into a guy and dropped anything you held in your hands.
”OMG IM SO SORRY I DIDNT SEE YOU OMG” (you said that in your language so the guy couldnt understand you. In this case german). This was just too embarrassing for you. you couldnt even look at his face. ”Uhm.. sorry what did you say? I couldnt understand. And sorry for running into you.”
You finally had the courage to look up to him and what you saw nearly killed you. The guy you ran into was no one less than Zico! Your face instantly turned into a tomato. Your knees got chewy as bubblegum as he was intensely staring at you. Maybe cuz u couldnt bring out any words.  ”u-uhm..i-i’m sorry.. i didn’t see you cuz I was..distracted.”
He smiled with the cutest smile you’ve ever seen and said ”Oh dont worry it was my fault too” You picked up your things and asked him shyly if you could take a derp picture together since you are a big fan of him. Zico was kinda surprised cuz of ”derp” but aggreed with it and you handed your phone to him. ”Oh look thats me” He said with a giggle as he saw your lockscreen. Your face turned even redder and an embarrassed giggle came out your mouth. You were standing side by side tightly with his arm around your waist but with the weirdest faces ever as he took the picture. You both laughed at the dorky picture and you quickly hugged him. ”thank you Jiho.. oh gawd you smell so good..” slipped out your mouth. -Oh shit what did i just say omg cant you shut the fuck up you dumbfuck- you thought to yourself and took a step back. ”uhm thank you that picture acutally means a lot to me since youre my favorite musician. What you do is just amazing. I hope you and the other members are enjoying the time in Germany.. Have fun at stage tonight!” Without waiting for an answer you turned around and started to walk. Suddenly someone grabbed your shoulder ”You didnt tell me your name” It was Zico. ”My name is y/n”. ”Beautiful.” He said. ”Mind if I ask you something?”  You gave him some kind of hand gesture that told him to go on.
”I really like your style and even if youre a fan..youre very likeable and.. would you go on a shopping tour with me? I mean to pass your opinion and assist me since I don’t speak your language.”
You couldnt believe what he was asking you. You were all about to let out a very excited YES but then you looked at the pharmacy bag. -omg I cant.. /your friends name/ is waiting for the medcine.. omg what to do- you thought. ”I’m sorry I’d love to.. but I have to go back to the hotel since my friend is waiting for her medcine there..” Sadness has left its mark on your face. ”hm..where is your hotel?” surprised by his question you answer ”It’s within walking distance. It’s the HN hotel.” Zicos face suddenly looked quite pleased as he grabbed your arm and dragged you into a very expensive store. ”Your friend can definitely wait one more hour, I need you here.”  You gave him an agnry look but it turned into a smile very fast as he pouted at you. ”UGH well ok but if she dies thats ur fault!” you said with a sore conscience. ”tz tz tz” he laughed.
 Quickly Zico picked some outfits and headed to the dressing rooms. You didnt even know what to say cuz everything just looked perfect on him.  Soon you started feeling a lil bit uncomfortable between all these expensive clothes and it seemed like Zico could tell it by your face. ”You should try on something too!” You refused by shaking your head. ”thats all so expensive I dont wanna break something.” He gave you that dissapointed puppy-eye look which you couldnt resist. ”..Maybe if you choose something for me.” Zico immediately thrusted a red dress in your hand. ”I already saw this when we entered the store and I know it’d look good on you.” A lil annoyed you walked into the a dressing room and as you came out with the biggest smile Zico was already waiting for you. ”TADAAA~” he was wearing an other outfit that made you loose your tongue. You just stared at him and so did he. You couldnt actually tell but he had an expression on his face as if he’d seen a ghost.
”you ok?” you asked a little worried. -is he so disgusted with what i look like or what is wrong- He didnt answer for a long time til he shook his head like he just came back from a day dream. ”Everythings alright dont worry.” Still a little bit confused you consulted your phone watch. It was already 12am - time to go back to the hotel. You quickly changed and gave Zico a quick hug. ”Thank you for all, Jiho. I really enjoyed the time with you. See you on stage!”
Back at your apartment you could smell that your friend was mad at you. She was shaking her head in dismay ”WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN BETCH IM DYING HERE OK” after an hour of apologizing you told her what happened and the feels overpowered the madness.

A few hours later she was all good again and you went to the concert. It was truly the best concert ever and the fact that you hung out with Zico a few hours ago made it even better.
Sastisfied you two went back to the hotel and when you opened your  bedroom door there was a bag sittin on the bed with a little note on it ”Thank me later” Scared but also curious about what was inside that bag you opened it. Your eyes nearly popped out of your head as you saw what It was. that red dress that you tried on earlier. To come to terms with the situation you took a shower when someone knocked at your hotel room door. -ugh omg what idiot is knocking at that time- ”/your friends name/ GO ANSWER THE DOOR I CANT DO IT NOW” seemed like she was asleep since she didnt react to your words. annoyed as fuck you put on a bathrobe  and yelled at the person on the other side of the door ”you know what time it is right?” no answer. You tore the door open and Zico was leaning against the doorframe. ”WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE AND WTF CAME IN UR MIND TO BUY ME THAT DRESS YOU STUPID CUNT.” he just laughed at your words ”didnt you read the message?”
”thank me later.”
”Well, you should take it back.” you said , ashamed from what you called him before.
”no. it looks wonderful on you. But I want some reward” he said, a smirk showing up his face as he noticed what you were wearing.
”uhm ok what do you want?” your face looked clueless as never before.
he closed the door behind him and pushed you hard against the wall. He stared intensely into ur eyes and you could see the lust growing. ”You.”
Before you could say anything he pushed his thick lips against yours and you immediately deepened the kiss as you started running your hands through his soft hair, grinding your knee against his bulge. Your tongues danced in fusion as you let out a soft moan. Zico suddenly broke the kiss and kissed his way down to you ear. you whimpered at the lost of his skilled tongue, thinking about what wonders it could do to your lower region. ”Baby wants me that bad?” he cooed in your ear as he ripped that bathrobe off of your still wet body. He let out a moan at the sight ”ugh fuck youre perfect” turned on by his actions you shoved your hand into his pants and boxers to grab his already hardened dick. ”you cant even bad I want you.” you whispered in his ear while playing with the tip of his throbbing length. Moaning like crazy he started to rub your clit in circles before he entered your wet hole with two of his long and slender fingers. shoving them in and out painfully slow.  His lips wandering from your neck down to your right tit sucking and biting your hard nipple while his other hand was caressing the left one. Your head fell back in pleasure ”ugh~ oh god jiho do it faster” and so did he.  his hand smacking your totally wet folds hard when you decided to get him naked ”I cant take it anymore..i wanna taste you” he said in fustration. you pulled out his fingers and licked one of them, leaving the other one for him to taste your juice. ”mmh~ sinfully sweet” he spoke in a deeper voice than usually what turned you on even more. You pulled down his pants and revealed his big throbbing cock. Mouth wide open at the sight he teasingly said ”If you dont close ur mouth ill shove something big deep in there.”
you smirked ”no ones gonna stop you~” Hearing this inflamed his fire. ”fuck youre so naughty y/n. go down and suck that big thing you dirty lil girl” you got on ur knees and licked the tip of his dick tasting his delicious pre cum  he let out a deep moan that animated you to take him as deep as you could. Zico, who had to support himself with one hand against the wall cuz of the immense pleasure your mouth was giving him, used his other hand on your head to thrust even deeper into your mouth. ”ahh~ youre mouth does wonders y/n” Feeling that he was about to cum you stopped ”I’m not going to let you cum too early” you said while teasing his wet tip with your thumb. First he whined at the lost but then he put on a solemn face and you knew - something’s gonna happen to you. He pulled you up by your shoulders, turned you around and pushed you against the wall. Reaching for his belt he said ”you want to get punished huh?” he scourged your butt cheek and you couldnt help but moan. ”oh i hoped you would like it” he said with a little laugh. Even if it hurt, the pain got your hole even wetter. ”do it harder” you moaningly said before he did the same to your other butt cheek.
He started rubbing his member along your folds and teasing your clit with his tip ”Ugh..gawd Jiho just fuck me already I cant take it anymore” He grabbed a bunch of your hair and pulled your head back. you could feel him smirk against your ear ”Beg for it” he said while caressing your inner thighs. your sexual fustration was too big so you wouldve done everything ”Jiho pleeease~ please fuck me i need your huge cock inside me~” - ”Thats what I wanted to hear” You let out the loudest and most sexual moan as he began to thrust into you as deep as he could. ”moan my name i want the whole hotel to know who is fucking you this good” Skin slapping, swearing and uncontrolable moaning was echoing through the apartment but both of you didnt give a fuck. ”ugh youre so tight..just how i like it” he was speeding up his thusts to an pace that made you see stars as he hit that sweet spot over and over again. As you felt yourself being more than close to the climax your wet walls tightened around his member. Zico suddenly turned you around so you were facing each other and put your legs around his waist before he thrusted back in. ”I wanna see your pretty face when you cum” You got weak with the immense pleasure and had to hold onto his arms, pushing your nails deep into his skin, looking at his beautiful chest and right into his lustful eyes. he started kissing you wildly and you bit his lower lip from time to time. ”shit i’m cumming” - ”Me too babe” with a few more fast and deep thrusts you both came in fusion, mixing your juices inside your wet core as you both screamed each others name. both of you out of breath and gasping collapsed on the floor. ”that was..just amazing” - ”was? I’m not done with you yet” he said as he dragged you into your bedroom and got you down on all fours, his member already hard again. Placing the hard wood in front of your butt hole he smirked ”you are going to loose all ability to walk or talk for weeks.”